General Edwin D. Patrick (AP-124)




Awards, Pictures & Specs

Courtesy of NavSource Naval History

Edwin D. Patrick History

Courtesy of the Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University
Final voyage of the Edwin D. Patrick Courtesy of Peter Knego

History of General Edwin D. Patrick and the Edwin D. Patrick (AP-124)

Courtesy of the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships
Maritime Sea Transportation Service (MSTS)
Interesting facts and photos of the Edwin D. Patrick
These links have several interesting background stories of the MSTS and the Patrick. Be sure to look at all the links on those pages, there are photos of the Patrick and much more.

Courtesy of Bill Sims and Daryl Duncan

More photos of the final voyage of the Edwin D. Patrick Courtesy of David Walker (entries in Peter Knego's Blog)
More photos of the Edwin D. Patrick Courtesy of Bill Kappes (585th Eng Co (DT)) and sent in by Winfred Langley (1/83rd 66-67)
Onboard the Patrick to Vietnam Photoshow pictures from Craig Castona & Bill Taggart (1/83rd)
Sleeping on the Patrick Check out the cozy sleeping arrangements we had on our voyage to Vietnam in October 1966.

Picture Courtesy of Pete Etchamendy  (1/83rd)

Sleeping on the Patrick Another look at the sleeping arrangements onboard.

Picture Courtesy of Darryl Duncan

Postcard of the Edwin D. Patrick An actual postcard from the earlier days of the ship



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