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These 2 lists are guys from the 1/83rd.

The first set of names were active in our group at one time but who we have not heard from in several years. The second list are guys who we have contacted but who have not responded.

All these names are also on the Roster.

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For more information, contact Bill Taggart.





Years with 1/83rd

Dave Allen

B 63-67

Mike Anderson


Johnny Araiza A 70-71
John Carpenter SVC 66-67
David Ferguson HQ 66-67
Sylvan (Gus) Freeman B 68-69
Terry Hampton A 66-67
Royce Randle B 69-70
Ron Sooy ? 67-68
Gary Vigil ? 69-70
Don Walters HQ 69-70
Glenn Walters HQ 68-69
Johnny Weaver B 70-71
Andy West B 66-67


No Reply



Years with 1/83rd
Gary Abbott A 69-70
Flynn Armstead A 66-67
Vincent Auzenne HQ 66-67
Jim Berger HQ 69-70
Bill Bottom A 66-67
Bob (Muggs) Chiappone HQ 66-67
Jim Engstrom C 70-71
Ed Fegenbush HQ 70-71
Jim Friske HQ 70-71
Austin Harper ? 66-67
Pete Karika HQ 66-67
Jim Kellum SVC 66-67
George Kitchin A 68-69
Dave Lamphere A 66-67
Richard Lane HQ 66-67
Roger Mull B 66-67
Ted Palmatier C 68-69
Jerry Parks SVC 71
Tom Pastoric HQ 70-71
Frank Payne SVC 70-71
John Peters B 68-69
Steve Potter A 69-70
Jim Rainey HQ 67-68
Ron Sims B 66-67
Wayne Smith SVC 69-70
Gordon Steele B 70-71
Ron Stockemer SVC 67-68
Duane Supple ? ?
Hugo Tadolini HQ 67-68
John Taylor C 66-67
Clarence Tiffany A 69-70
John Traylor C 70-71
Pat Wanner HQ 68-70
Taurus West A 69-70
Lloyd Wright B 66-67
Roland Yeske A 69-70


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