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• Rex Hon (66-67) recently sent a couple of gifts to VA Secretary Robert Wilkie. Here are some photos along with the Secretary's reply to Rex.


• Some 69-70 "A" Battery guys held a mini-reunion in Perrysburg, Ohio in June.

Dan Bowling, Clarence Tiffany, Paul Picciuto, Dan O'Brien, Tom Sellers

Paul and Julie Picciuto, Dan & Donna O'Brien, Dan & Nina Bowling, Tom Sellers, Clarence Tiffany & Lois McKendree


• Rex Hon (66-67) recently visited Don Eikenberry (66-67) during a stop in Oakley, Kansas.

Don and Rex (L-R)


• Allen Morley one of our Aussie members sent this photo. Allen and his wife Diane attended our 2016 Reunion. Here is what Allen had to say...

"Happy Memorial Day. We went to visit with friends in Boalsburg PA after the last reunion. That little town is where the idea of Memorial Day started. My friend and my wife Diane are in the pic next to the town board explaining Memorial Day and the town connection.

This day is important to remember those who served and those buried in far off fields. We have willingly fought alongside the US, although you guys always did the heavy lifting. My thoughts are with friends in the 1st/83rd.

Bill I have almost recovered from my accident. I was grateful for the many 1st/83rd veterans who sent me well wishes. I replied individually to them all. Thank you for providing the link.

Best wishes,



• Rex Hon (66-67) recently did a Motorcycle trip to Pike's Peak. Here is what Rex had to say...

"Hi Everyone

I made it to the top!!  It was the most scary motorcycle ride I have ever been on!!!  I did not think I was going to make it! The last two miles had steep grades and 5 and 10 mile an hour curves. Snow everywhere. No place to turn around. I had to keep going up. In places there was only one or two feet of dirt to the edge of the mountain.

I had to keep the RPM my DR 650 Trail Bike at about 5000 to 6000 to keep the engine running at the high altitude. I never got out of 1st gear. It was hard to breathe at 14,000 feet.  I was lucky to make it. Going down was a lot easier.

That is one ride I will not ever be doing again. Too scary."


• Rex Hon (66-67) sent this photo of 2 Red Cross girls at Nui Dat.


• Rex Hon (66-67), Don Eikenberry (66-67) and Gary Eitel (a friend of Don's) just did a road trip in Texas Hill Country. They rode the "Three Twisted Sisters “ in the South Texas Hill Country.

Gary, Don, Rex (L-R)

Don, Gary and Rex (L-R)

Don and Gary (L-R)


• Dennis Donati (70-71) recently received this award from the VA for his ongoing volunteer service at his local VA facility.  This is a special thing that Denny does for his fellow Vets and is great to see him receive this recognition. He is humble about receiving such an honor but I know it is richly deserved. Congratulations Denny!


• Paul Dickson (67) another of our Aussie mates and Editor of the Eyes and Ears Newsletter split his time now between Australia and Mexico. Paul sent these photos of a Remembrance Day 2017 ceremony in San Miguel de Allende. Mexico.



• Bob Billiards (67-68) one of our Aussie mates sent this picture of his 21st Birthday right before going to Vietnam. Bob has his Father and Mother on his right and wife Cathy and an uncle on his left.


• Tom (Beetle) Bailey (67-68) recently participated in the annual Wreaths Across America on December 16, 2017 along with other members of Gulf Coast Chapter 1037 VVA at the National Cemetery in Sarasota Florida.


• Wally Wallace (66-67) sent his 2017 Christmas Card with some of his 1966-67 buddies.

Wally, Dave Ferguson, Allen Saltzman, Bob Swiggett, Rich Magin (L-R)


• The Rich Webekind (66-67) clan, 2017 edition.


• Barney Downey (70-71) with a BMW he got last year and friend.


• Veterans Benefits

Want to know more about

benefits from other federal agencies?

Dear VA Beneficiary, 

As we approach Thanksgiving, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for your service, and to share with you something we’ve been working on. Your service to our country makes you eligible for many VA and other federal benefits. To help you find them, we created a few charts to show you which benefits you may be able to claim based on your eligibility situation.

Have a service connected disability rating from 0-100%? Use the Service Connected Matrix to find VA benefits that you may be eligible to receive. Search options are also available for Veterans who are non-service-connected, and/or have a special circumstance.    

As for other federal benefits for you and your dependents, we created the Benefits from Other Federal Agencies chart. This chart links to other benefit information in one convenient place! Whether you’re looking to expedite a Social Security disability claim, contracting information from the Small Business Administration, or a Department of Energy training program, we believe there’s something for everyone. 


Veterans Benefits Administration

(Courtesy of the US Dept. of Veterans Affairs)


• Veterans ID Cards Now Available

(Courtesy of VFW Magazine)

Click here for a PDF version of this photo if you want to download it.


• The Mysterious Case of the "Missing" 5-ton Wrecker

Read the story of how some industrious members of the 1/83rd attempted to solve a problem in Ammo handling in early 1968, it is a great tale. Here is the story.

This story, written by Brigadier General Richard F. Allen (US Army Retired), was recently published in the 2018 edition of "Army", the magazine of the Association of the United States Army. Click here to read.


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