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Australian Troops in Vietnam
(Link provided by Don Aird - 1/83rd)

Over 300 photos of Australian Troops in Vietnam.

Pat Duggan

These photos show an aerial view of the 161 Battery lines in 1966 looking north, 1/83rd was west of 161. The hill you see is Nui Dat.

There are also maps of the Nui Dat area.

Australian 2012 War Memorial Ceremony
(Link provided by Warwick Brooker)
  Pat Duggan - Nui Dat

"The photo of me with the two young boys (grandsons) was taken at this years Anzac Parade where I was the Parade Marshal. The helicopter one was taken when I deployed as part of the 173rd Airborne Brigade on Operation Silver City in 1966. The two black and white photos both have me in them. One as a 19 year old in Vietnam. I was a Forward observers signaller and the photo was taken at the end of the operation that cleared the hills to the west of Nui Dat. That’s me with the cigarette. The other is of me as Anzac Day Parade Marshal for the City of Christchurch (27 years now and every year invited to be the parade marshal). The photo taken in the rubber plantation was taken in the Iron Triangle when I was deployed as part of Operation Rolling Stone February 1966.

Keep your powder dry my friend


Ashley Eyles   Pat Duggan - Nui Dat 2008

"These photo’s were taken during my trip back in 2008.

New Zealand Television wanted to interview me and they wanted to do it in Vietnam so they paid for the trip. The documentary was about the New Zealand involvement in the war and it screened on New Zealand National TV in June of 2008.

The concrete block was the survey marker for 161 Battery Centre, The hole in the ground was ‘Kiwi exchange’ – our unit telephone exchange. Interesting to note is that I helped dig it in 1966 and it is now the only surviving construction in the 161 Battery lines at Nui Dat.

The road in the photo is actually the road that was between 161 Battery and 1/83rd. It ran through the centre of the Artillery part of the Task Force area.

The photo with the water in it is what the battery gun line looked like in 2008. A lot of excavation by the Vietnamese has turned it into a crater full of water.

The first one is of me being interviewed on the 161 Battery lines for the documentary.
Kind regards

Bob Billiards  

John Wasson 

John Blake - 1/83rd Gun Firing      
Warwick Brooker      
Colin Campbell      
Colin Campbell - 1/83rd Guns      
Dandenong RSL Memorial
Victoria Australia
Trevor Davidson      
Ian Guy      
Ian Guy - Nui Dat 2009      
Nui Dat & Surrounds 1966-1072
(Link provided by John Browne)
Ernie Newbold      
Ian Stiles      
Ross Wood      

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