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Video Topic Notes

1/83rd move from Nui Dat to Phu Bai

Film by Rick Stevenson - Service Battery 1/83rd 67-68

Provided courtesy of Rick Stevenson 1/83rd

"A" Battery 1/83rd Artillery, at FSB Bastogne 1970 Link courtesy of Jim Braun, Barney Downey and Neal Schwartz - 1/83rd Artillery.

Look around the 6:00 minute mark for the 1/83rd.

Neal Schwartz also sent this video (no sound on this video). Here is what Neal had to say...

"I was kicking around the web looking for some info on a buddy of mine that was WWII – 101st AB – 502nd  Parachute Infantry Division – 2nd Battalion – Company “B”,  and somehow happened to stumble on a documentary that I clipped a short video from.  When I saw the sign it looked darn familiar.  It was so cool to find it out there lost in a world of videos on the net.  It would be interesting if any of the guys might be able to identify any of the crew.  It’s a little grainy, but someone might recognize themselves from “A” Battery at Bastogne .  I don’t know the time frame; it came from a XXIV Corps documentary so it was probably not filmed by one of ours."

Follow up comment from Barney Downey...

"That video is 1st. gun section, (the gun I was on), the gunner is an E-5 that was our gun chief for a short time, the assistant gunner is a guy  nick-named "Pollack", can't remember his real name and the third guy I can't get a good enough look at his face  to know who that is.
 That would be 1970 as Neal guessed earlier. I could've been on the ground since I primarily humped "joes" and worked the powder bunker as well.......... wow, that took me back to Bastogne in an instant."

A Soldier's Silent Night

A moving and beautiful video of Soldiers and Sacrifice.

Link courtesy of Frank Sloan 1/83rd

Basic Training 1967

A look at Army Basic Training 1967 (funny, I don't remember Basic being this warm and cuddly).

"C" Battery - 1/83rd on FSB Veghel - Summer of 1970


This video file must be downloaded to your PC to view. Right-mouse click on the link, save to your computer and then open.

Link courtesy of Don Aird 1/83rd

D-Day Tribute An 11 year old boy's tribute on the 70th Anniversary of D-Day at Normandy, France.

Link courtesy of Bruce Taiji 1/83rd

Freedom is not Free - A Soldiers Pledge Link courtesy of Danny Sandoval 1/83rd
Flying Helicopters in Vietnam in 1969 Film by Leon Skeen (1/83rd Helicopter Pilot)
I was only 19 Link courtesy of Don Aird 1/83rd
M-107 175mm in Vietnam

Link courtesy of Norm Gallagher 1/83rd

There are some other similar videos following this one on the YouTube page.

More than a name on The Wall

Link courtesy of Ed Kloiber 1/83rd

Spirit of the Anzacs (Video)

Link courtesy of Bob Billiard

XXIV Corp Documentary Link courtesy of Norm Gallagher 1/83rd

Ed: this video is silent


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