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"Our telephone call sign up in I Corps when I was there 70-71 was Heavyweight. The only radio call sign I remember was that in late 70, the Bn FDC was Kingly Bend 1, shortened to Kingly 1. I remember the call signs of AO’s in the O-1 Birddogs covering our area were “Cat Killer” and a number. Our helicopter call sign for a long time was “Sneaky White 11.” "
Bill Burke

"While James M. MacMurer was Bn Co., the call sign was Red Scorpion"
Tom McNeight
"We were Heavyweight until we left country. That was the switchboard. As far as on radio it changed monthly if not sooner. A lot of times the sheets with call signs became lost. Then we would have to redistribute new ones."
Dennis Donati
"Cheyenne 43 for the longest. Then we changed to things like Quebec 6 and other call signs that had an alphanumeric designation."
Johnnie Pearson
"Cheyenne 4 while at Gia Le and Operation Thor"
Ben Frias
"I was a radio operator with the TOC . I spent 90% of the time with different units of the 101st Abn. From Duc Pho, Phu Bai, Dong Ha, and in the general area of I corps near the DMZ for about 9 months. I called in so many air strikes and Arty support that I can't remember. I'm trying to remember some of the call signs from different units. Mine was DeadEye 3 Kilo."
Bill Morris

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