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General Orders
1st Battalion 83rd Artillery (Pg.9)
01Mar71 - 09Oct71
(Courtesy of Neal Schwartz)
1st Battalion 83rd Artillery
All Years

The United States Military began authorizing the Vietnam Gallantry Cross in March 1968 with retroactive presentation of the decoration to 1961. In 1974, Army General Order Number 8 authorized the Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation to every military unit of the United States Army which had served under the Military Assistance Command from 1961 to 1974. This effectively granted the unit version of the award to any member of the U.S. Army who had served for any period of time in the Republic of Vietnam.

(Courtesy of Neal Schwartz)
Operation Apache Snow
"C" Btry 1st Battalion 83rd Artillery (Pg.2)
10May69 - 21May69
(Courtesy of Neal Schwartz)
Operation Dewey Canyon
"C" Btry 1st Battalion 83rd Artillery (Pg.1)
22Jan69 - 18Mar69
(Courtesy of Neal Schwartz)
1st Battalion 83rd Artillery (Pg.10)
03Nov66 - 30Apr68
(Courtesy of Neal Schwartz)
Tet Counteroffensive Campaign (1968)
1st Battalion 83rd Artillery (Pg.16)
30Jan68 - 01Apr68
(Courtesy of Neal Schwartz)

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