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I sent an inquiry to the Army Historical Foundation asking for any information they had on the 1/83rd during the time that the unit was in Vietnam. Following is the response...

"Thank you for your inquiry. The only information I have is from the Vietnam Order of Battle. 1st Battalion, 83 Artillery, arrived in Vietnam from Fort Sill, OK, on 30 October 1966. It was originally an M110 8-inch self-propelled howitzer battalion, but was converted to a dual M110 and M1107 175mm self-propelled gun battalion in December 1966. As part of II Field Force, Vietnam (54th Artillery Group), it was located at Nui Dat and Xuan Loc. On 19 March 1968, it was reassigned to Phu Bai under the 108th Artillery of XXIV Corps. The battalion later moved to Gia Le, where it remained.

The battalion had an authorized strength of 585 officers and men. It left Vietnam on 7 June 1971.

Thatís all I have. I will check at the U.S. Army Center of Military History to see what they have and get back to you.

I hope this information is useful. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Matthew Seelinger
Chief Historian
Army Historical Foundation"

Ed. there are some obvious omissions in the above. While "HQ", Service and "A" Batteries were at Nui Dat and "C" Battery was at Xuan Loc, "B" Battery was at Bearcat and Ham Tan in 66-67.  In addition, the 83rd moved around quite a bit after the Battalion went to I Corps in February 1968.


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