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Australian Patches, Medals and Badges

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(Courtesy of Ian Guy)

6 Troop-A Squadron-3 Cav Vietnam 1967-68 Patch

(Courtesy of Colin Campbell)

Army Combat Badge

Army Combat Badge (ACB)

"Issued to all Aussie Artillery Battery personnel, Armoured Corps personnel, a few of the Engineer units (Assault Pioneers etc) and any other unit (other than infantry) deemed to have been in combat. This badge was only issued to us some 7 or 8 years ago."

(Courtesy of John Browne 131 Div Loc Bty)

Australian Military Patch

"This small Australian Army patch was supposed to be worn high on the left sleeve. Basically a shoulder patch. Mostly worn on Australian Army Jungle Green cotton and khaki polyester uniform shirts from early - 1966 in Vietnam. That is where U.S. troops would have first seen these Rising Sun shoulder patches.

Some were worn on the front of bush hats and others were worn on shirts in the field. However, with the exception of nicknames written on the bush hats no insignia of any type was usually worn by Australian troops outside the wire, except on R&C leave in Vung Tau, or on guard duty in Saigon.

In the period the 1/83rd Artillery was at 1 ATF Nui Dat, Australian troops in the area would have been issued with these Rising Sun patches.

Ross Wood (B Company 5RAR)"

(Photo courtesy of Jimmy Hales 1/83rd)

Infantry Combat Badge

Infantry Combat Badge (ICB)

"Issued to all Aussie infantry units WW2, Korea, Vietnam, all post Vietnam wars....etc."

(Courtesy of John Browne 131 Div Loc Bty)


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