Proof of Military and Vietnam Service
for Veterans


Veterans that need help proving their Military and/or Vietnam service to the VA (and others) may find helpful this list of suggestions submitted by Neal Schwartz (1/83rd 68-69).


Do you have:

- a DD-214 or any other records of any kind from the military?

- a copy of any reporting, awards, or recognition orders?

- a draft card to prove you registered?

- any employment records that might show why you left that employment or a gap in employment?

- Social Security withholdings might prove you were in the military for a period of time?

- your Service Number (or Numbers)?

Do you have any photos from over there?

Does anyone have a photo of you over there?

Do you know anyone that knew you from the unit, a buddy, or close comrade?

What are the specific dates of your tour?

Do you remember anyone specifically from your tour?

Where and when were you trained? Basic, AIT, OCS, ???. There has to be records or even graduating class annuals and rosters.

What ribbons were you awarded?

There are records of every ribbon awarded to anyone and any Vietnam ribbon could prove you were there. Everyone should have the Vietnam Service Ribbon and the Vietnam Campaign Ribbon (with devices). Usually these awards are listed on your DD214.

Also you should always contact a local Veterans Service Officer at a Service Organization such as the VFW (American Legion, DAV, VVA etc.). Many states have local county Veterans Service officers who can help, see if one is nearby. They can help you find those records, and to submit a claim if that is an issue. A Service Officer’s assistance is absolutely needed, don’t try to go it alone.


Here is a link to the National Archives where you can request copies of your Veterans Service Records.


You should also check to see if your old unit has a website, this could be a valuable resource to track down others from your unit who may remember you and could write a buddy letter attesting to your service.

Follow up suggestions submitted by:

John Zagami (1/83rd 69-70).

Did you have a security clearance? If so, that agency could have your proof.

John Ward (1/83rd 70-71).

Go to the nearest VA Counselor for assistance.

Go to the nearest National Guard outfit and ask if the unit administrator is willing to logon to iPerms to search your records (iPerms is the “electronic 201 file” storage vault of your entire military history).

Go to the Army’s PRC/HRC (personal records center, human resource center - search by SSN#). Civilians/retirees can’t log on anymore without a Common Access Card (CAC (chip) card), you need an official to do this.

Another agency that might have your DD214 on file might be your county clerk’s office (most VA reps encourage guys to record these at the county).

If you have used the GI bill, your DD214 might be on file somewhere in that realm.

Social Security - they “should” have a record of military service, but not necessarily Vietnam service.


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