1/83 Artillery Update
January 22, 2017


1/83rd Unit News


General News

1. Sad News -  I recently learned of the passing of John Romani ("B" Battery, 68-69). John passed away in 1995. He was never part of the group, but he was a brother from the 1/83rd. He now has a page in our Last Mission section.

2. New Additions

Keith Mertz who was with "HQ" Battery in 1969-70. He lives in Maryville, TN. Check the Full Roster for his contact info.

Ken Anderson
who was with "SVC" Battery in 1966-67. He lives in Spencer, WV. Check the Full Roster for his contact info.

Welcome them when you can.

3. Another passing - Back in December, I passed along a request from our Dennis Donati (70-71). He asked us to remember in our prayers a dear friend of his who was in very bad health. Unfortunately, his friend Jim passed away peacefully a day or so after that. Denny asked me to pass along his thanks to all of you who acted on that request.

4. Australia Day - January 26 is Australia Day. Here is more on that occasion.

5.  Vietnam Veterans Memorial 2017 Reading of the Names - As part of the 35th Anniversary Commemoration of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial all of the more than 58,000 names will be read from Tuesday, November 7, 2017 through  Friday, November 10, 2017. A few of us volunteered in 2012 to read the names when it was the 30th Commemoration and it is a wonderful experience to be part of. If anyone will be in DC at that time and is interested in volunteering, more info can be found at this link.

6. 1/83rd Website - Please let me know if you come across any links in my website that are broken. With so much content, it is inevitable that links go out of date so let me know if you find one that does not work.

7. Full Roster on Website - Check your entry on the Full Roster to make sure all your information is up to date. Notify me if any changes are necessary. If your email stops working, I cannot reach you if you have incomplete or incorrect contact details on the roster.

8. Support - Please let me know if anyone of you or your family have health situations so we can let everyone know of the need for our support.

9. News - If you have any good news you would like shared with the group, let me know.

10. Please remember that all contact info that we have for our group can be found on the Full Roster. This is the best spot to start if you need to contact one of the group.

11. Reunion News - Mike Reetz (66-67) has agreed to plan and organize our next Reunion. When and where to be determined.  Mike's contact info can be found on the Full Roster if you have any questions.

Photo of the Week

Arlington Cemetery - Tomb of the Unknowns (1/83rd Reunion - October 15, 2016)

Photo Courtesy of Johnnie Pearson (68-69)

Interesting Links and More

1. Blue Angels - Danny Sandoval (66-67) sent this.

2. Most decorated soldier of Vietnam War was also a troublemaker. - Rex Hon (66-67) sent this.

3. Card Trick - Walt Noechel (69-70) sent this.

Did you Know

Lenny Montana, the actor who portrayed Luca Brasi in The Godfather, had previous real life experience in organized crime as an enforcer for the Colombo crime family.

(Courtesy of How-To Geek Newsletter)

Website Updates

1. If you come across anything that you think may be a good addition to our website let me know. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the website, let me know.

2. Check out all the latest updates by looking at the website Table of Contents.

Vietnam Veterans of America

1. VVA website

1/83rd Roster

Check your entry on the Full Roster to make sure all your information is up to date. Notify me if any changes are necessary. If your email stops working, I cannot reach you if you have incomplete contact details on the roster.
Missing members of the 1/83rd Help us find those former 83rd members who haven't found us yet!!

I am sure that each of us has someone they would really like to reconnect with. If we all pitch in, we may find many more of our old buddies. Here are some ways to do that:

1. If you are in contact or have contact info for any 1/83rd guys please contact them and tell them about our group or at least tell me and I will contact them.

2. Look through the roster on the website and if you know of others who are not listed, let me know who they are. Also, if you see any incorrect or missing info (including your own entry) let me know.

3. If you have copies of old orders tucked away someplace, send me a copy so I can make sure those names are on the roster.

4. Sometimes all it takes is a name and location and we can find someone but the more details we know the better our chances.

Rules & Regs If anyone would like a current copy of the "Rules & Regs" document which has helpful information about using the website, let me know. Go to Contact Us and submit your request or email me directly.
Advisory If you get an email from and it has a website link included anywhere within the email, most times you should be able to just click on the link and you will be taken to the website. Sometimes however, the link will not work because, in sending you the email, the link is deactivated although it is still usable. If this should happen, another way to use the link is to copy and paste it into the address line on your browser. Please be sure to let me know if you have any questions on this.

Please make sure that your email system allows emails to be received from both of my email addresses, bill_t_08012@yahoo.com  and artillery_83rd@yahoo.com

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