General Edwin D. Patrick Photos (AP-124)

Courtesy of Bill Kappes of the 585 Eng Co (DT)



These photos were sent to me by Winfred Langley (1/83rd 1966-1967) along with this note which comes under the category of what a small world it is.



"Bill, I would like to share an experience I had today observing Veterans Day in Tallahassee.  We have a local Vietnam Veterans Chapter (96) and each year we participate in the parade by either walking or riding down the Main Street of Tallahassee.


I will get to my point as we were riding in the parade I struck up a conversation with a vet that I didn’t know and we were exchanging information about our service where we were in country, unit we were in, etc. Then he informed me that he went to Vietnam by ship I asked the name of the ship and he answered the Patrick.  I was surprised by his answer telling him I also took the Patrick to Vietnam.


He was with the 585th Eng Co(DT) they sailed after us, we sailed in October 1966, he said they  left in December of 1966.  We exchanged information and when I got home I sent him your link with all the information you have compiled about the Patrick. Also told him to check out your site. He also said he had a CD of photos when he was on the Patrick and would give me a copy and if you are interested I will send you a copy."



I told Lang I was very interested and here are those photos (along with the captions that came with them) which were provided through the courtesy of Bill Kappes of the 585th.


General Edwin D. Patrick

A WW II Troop Carrier

Crossing the International Dateline

Crossing the International Dateline

Boarding the Landing Craft

Last look at The Patrick

Built: 1943, Length: 608’ 11”, Speed 19 kts


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