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Hepatitis Advisory - a while back I became aware of a Hepatitis Advisory for those who received inoculations in the military using the air guns that they were using. This advisory recommended that "if you received the air-gun vaccinations, you should be tested for Hepatitis C". I showed this to my Doctor who had me do a simple blood test to check for any signs of Hepatitis. I am including the document I received so you can show it to your own Doctor. Here it is.

One of our guys who has tested positive for Hep C sent this advice...
"I would encourage all to get the simple blood work as you did, to exclude the possibility of having this Silent Dragon."

Get Tested Now!!

Here is more from My Healthevet (Dept of Veterans Affairs) - Hepatitis C: Test, Treat, Cure

Barney Downey (70-71) sent this, Dept of VA Affairs Report on Hepatitis C.

Barney also added...

"I saw in your last update that you mentioned Hepatitis C. Don't know if I ever relayed the fact that I was finally cured of this disease over a year ago now, treated with Harvoni for only 3 months and was undetectable after the 6 month re-test. I'm glad Gilead developed this drug, after 10 years (known), of dealing with this debilitating illness and the unsuccessful previous treatment that was intolerable for most but all that was available at the time. I hope everyone in the group has been tested for it because it's far more prevalent in our age group and Vietnam veterans in general."


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