This section was inspired by a link I received from Tom Spicer (HQ Battery, Survey section 1966-1967). It is about the first public singing of God Bless America by Kate Smith. This seemed like a perfect choice for our first entry. I hope to be adding much more related material to this section.

Freedom is not Free
(Link provided by Dan O'Brien)

A Soldier's Pledge

This video features a powerful message given by President Ronald Reagan during his first Inaugural Address on January 20, 1981.

God Bless America
(Link provided by Tom Spicer)

As a side note, you may or not know of Kate Smith's connection to the NHL hockey team the Flyers. Back in the 70's when they won their only 2 Stanley Cups they started to have Kate Smith appear at some big games to sing God Bless America. The Flyers had a phenomenal won-lost record whenever she was there. This started a tradition that lasts to this day. They now use a video of her rendition for big occasions. Hasn't helped them win another Cup but overall her record is still a good one.

The Path of the Warrior
(Courtesy of the Humanity Healing International)

This video is a moving tribute to our fallen heroes.


Details on various POW and MIA topics.

Click here to see more on our Flag, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Armistice Day and Remembrance Day.


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