Field Artillery Insignia

There has been some confusion about the type of Branch Insignia worn by our unit in 1966-1971. As you can see from the following excerpt from the Institute of Heraldry website, the insignia changed a few times.

Branch Insignia

Two crossed field guns, gold color metal, thirteen-sixteenth inch in height.

Crossed cannons (field guns) for Artillery have been in continuous use since 1834, when they were placed on regimental colors, knapsacks, and as part of the cap insignia for Artillery officers. In 1901, the Artillery was divided into Coast and Field Artillery and the branch insignia was modified by the addition of a plain scarlet oval at the intersection of the cannons. The Field Artillery insignia approved on 17 July 1902 had a gold wheel on the red oval and the Coast Artillery had a gold projectile on the red oval. This red oval and wheel was replaced on 4 April 1907 by two field guns. It was superseded in 1957 by the consolidated Artillery insignia consisting of the crossed field guns surmounted by a missile. In 1968 when the Air Defense Artillery and the Field Artillery were authorized to have separate insignia, the former Field Artillery insignia was reinstated.

Here you can see our Rex Hon (66-67) when he was promoted to 1st Lt by Lt. Col  Million.  Note Rex's Artillery Insignia is Cannons and Missile.


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