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Artillery Definitions

This link to Wikipedia contains much information, history and definitions for the Field Artillery.

Artillery Terms and Tactics


Commo Section

A write-up on Commo Section operations, courtesy of Signal Officer Dennis Donati (70-71).

Field Artillery Manual
Cannon Gunnery

This is a Marine Corp Manual but the procedures are the same.

(Link provided courtesy of Johnnie Pearson)

Fire Direction Center

A write-up on FDC operations, courtesy of Johnnie Pearson (68-69). Also, check out the Tools of the Trade section below for some of the tools used by FDC.

Fire Mission

This is a link to the 15th Field Artillery Regiment website. It has more info on FDC including a sample fire mission dialog.

(Link provided courtesy of Neal Schwartz)

Guns and Howitzers
of the
1/83rd Artillery

This contains the names and type of guns that the 1/83rd had including pictures where available.

Guns vs Howitzers

This interesting dialogue resulted from the question, "Why is an 8-inch a Howitzer but a 175mm is a Gun?"

Guns and Howitzer Ammo
Updated 11/26/21

The dialog Guns vs Howitzers above prompted this question.

"Now that we have smoked that subject, we move onto the HE rounds of each artillery piece.  One shoots TNT and the other shoots Composition B. It is printed on the projo's (see this photo.  How many other types of rounds are there for each barrel beside the WP (White Phosphorous, we called it Wilson Picket or Willy Peter. If we compare that to a WP grenade it reminds me of napalm in a powder form. Sticks to whatever it hits and burns through it.).

There was also a grenade round for the 8-inch that had 102 grenades that rolled out the back after the bottom lid was blown off during flight. Was there a flechette round also having razor like blades inside? We also were told that the 8-inch TNT round needed to spin before it would explode.  The Comp B of the 175 did not."

What we wanted to know is how many different types of rounds did we fire and the characteristics of those rounds.

These are the responses that I have received. As is often the case, some replies contradict others.

Radio Section

Winfred Langley (66-67)sent these photos of the Radio Section at Nui Dat in 1967.

Requesting and Adjusting Artillery Fire

This link has info from the "Guide For Squad Leaders, Pam 350-12, May 1967" on requesting and adjusting Artillery fire.

This information is from the Hardscrabble Farm website.

(Link provided courtesy of Neal Schwartz)

The Guns

Specifications and information on the 8-inch self-propelled howitzer and 175-mm self-propelled gun plus some frequently asked questions.

Tools of the Trade

Check out this page for some of the Tools of the Artilleryman's Trade.

"Waste" Disposal

The "Recipe" for proper "Waste" Disposal, courtesy of Tom Bailey (66-67).

Hygiene In the Highlands
(Courtesy 1/92nd Artillery)

Explanation of the term "Shit Burning"
By Then Sergeant Gil Goltz
1/92nd Artillery

ED note: This story is priceless.

A Special Yankee Candle

(Picture provided courtesy of Don Aird)


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