Artillery Information

Artillery - Nothing personal, just business!
(Motto provided by Dennis Donati)


(Artwork provided courtesy of Ed Kloiber 1/83rd)

Artillery in Vietnam

Civil War Tools of the Cannoneer
(Courtesy of Neal Schwartz)
M-107 175mm in Vietnam
(Courtesy of Norm Gallagher)

Artillery Operations
Updated 4/5/19

Combat Artillery Badge
(Courtesy of Dan O'Brien)
M-107 175mm News Article
(Courtesy of Army Historical Foundation and Jerry Kosty)
Artillery Organization in Vietnam
(Courtesy 1/92nd Artillery)
Current Artillery
8-inch and 175mm Photos
Updated 4/5/19
M-110 8" Self-Propelled Howitzer
(Courtesy of Tom Sellers)
Artillery Models Field Artillery Branch Insignia History

M-110 8" Self-Propelled Howitzer- Video
(Courtesy of Neal Schwartz)

Artillery OCS - Ft Sill - Part 1
Part 2
(Courtesy of Neal Schwartz)
Field Artillery Journal (on Facebook)
(These journals date back to the early 1900's and are large size files. Keep this in mind if you download any issues.)

M-110 8" Howitzer Specs
(Courtesy of Vietnam Magazine)

Artillery "Silencer"
(Courtesy of Frank Sloan)
Field Artillery Museum (on Facebook)

M-110 8" Howitzer Info and Specs
(Courtesy of the Virtual Museum of the Vietnam War Website)

Artillery Terms - Part 1
(Courtesy of Dan O'Brien)
Field Artillery Song

M-110 8" Self-Propelled Howitzer
First Edition

From Sept 14, 1961 - Courtesy of Paul Picciuto)

Artillery Terms - Part 2
(Courtesy of Dan O'Brien)
Field Artillery Song Lyrics

M-110 8" Self-Propelled Howitzer- Template(T-Shirt)
(Courtesy of Dan O'Brien)

Artillery–King of Battle – Steel Rain
(Courtesy of Neal Schwartz)

General Orders
(Link provided by Dennis Donati)
US Field Artillery Association Website 

Army Branch Insignia

M-107 175mm Firing at FSB Bastogne
(Courtesy of Dan O'Brien & Neal Schwartz)
St. Barbara-Patron Saint of the Artillery M-107 175mm Firing at Trabong Firebase
(Courtesy of Dan O'Brien)

Building The Ultimate Artillery Gun
(Link provided by David Boroff)

M-107 175mm from "C" Battery 1/83rd Firing at Xuan Loc
(Courtesy of Morri Major)


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