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Widows/Widowers that need help with the VA - Dan O'Brien (69-70) has sent me the name of a woman who has been very helpful in assisting widows with fighting the VA when claims are denied, she will aid in filling out the 21-534. Her name is Karen Gogol and she has offered her help to any widow/widower who needs help with the VA. Karen's husband is a deceased Vietnam Veteran and Karen has much experience fighting the VA. Karen can be reached by email at If you need to call her instead, email me or Dan O'Brien for Karen's phone number.

Veterans that need help with the VA - If the Veteran is the one who needs assistance with VA claims, he should see a local  Veteran Service Officer [VSO] of the DAV, VVA or other Veterans Organization. Our fight is totally different than spouses.  Dan O'Brien (69-70) has also offered to help any of our Veterans with questions on VA claims. Dan's contact info can be found on the Roster. Use email for your initial contact but you can call if necessary.

Agent Orange Veterans General Health Misc.

Agent Orange-Court Victory

Click here for more information
Health Survey Continuous Chest Compression CPR (Univ of Arizona College of Medicine)
(Link provided courtesy of Neal Schwartz)

Agent Orange and Diabetes

You can see your VA Medical and Hospital records, Test results, order medications and more using this website.

Health Survey Results Dispose of Old Medicines Safely

Agent Orange and Parkinsons Disease
(Link provided courtesy of Don Aird)

(VA Benefits, Agent Orange and more)
Hearing Issues Hospital Ratings in your area.

These 2 sites are free:

Hospital Safety Score

Hospital Compare

This site requires a subscription:

Consumer Reports

Agent Orange - How it Worked VA Burial Flag Hepatitis Issues Malaria and US Soldiers in Vietnam

This material may help educate anyone on this issue that many Vietnam Veterans have, especially those who were in the Mekong Delta.

(Link provided courtesy of Danny Belcher)

Agent Orange Information US Dept of Veterans Affairs

Military Burial (Understanding Memorial Benefits)
Liver Flukes Need a Wheelchair
Agent Orange Information
2/94th Website

(Courtesy of Charley Kelley - 2/94th Artillery)
Top Ten Things Your Combat Vet Wants you to Know
(Link provided courtesy of Danny Sandoval)
Veterans and Alzheimer's
(Link provided courtesy of Rex Hon and VeteransAgainstAlzheimer’s)
Veterans Resource Book
(Large File)
This book has many items of interest to Veterans and their families.
(From the California Department of Veterans Affairs - Courtesy of Wayne Pope)
Agent Orange Legacy VA Disability Benefits Questionnaires (DBQs)

The US Dept of Veterans Affairs is making it easier for Vets to provide medical information supporting their disability claims. Use to link to access the required form(s).


Agent Orange-Protect your Health

VA Healthcare Eligibility    
Agent Orange Info from the Chicago Tribune
This contains several items of interest to all Vietnam Veterans and their families.
(Link provided courtesy of Rich Webekind)
VA Healthcare System    
Agent Orange Report by Admiral E.R. Zumwalt Jr. to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs
(Link provided courtesy of Danny Sandoval)
VA Healthcare
Long-term Care Co pay

(Link provided courtesy of Otto Aliffi)

Agent Orange Review

VA Mission Act
(eff June 2019)
Agent Orange Spraying Missions in Vietnam
(Link provided courtesy of Don Aird)
VA Priority Group Fact sheet
(Courtesy of Neal Schwartz)
Herbicide Spraying Missions in Vietnam by Corps  (Areas Sprayed and Amounts)
(Link provided courtesy of Mike Davis)
VA Veterans Suicide Prevention Resources    
Agent Orange Vietnam Veterans Memorial Veterans Crisis Line

Confidential help for Veterans and their families
(Link provided courtesy of Rex Hon)

Birth Defects and Agent Orange
(From the Vietnam Veterans of America)
(Link provided courtesy of Neal Schwartz)
Veterans Health Council    
Agent Orange advocacy for children of Vietnam Veterans
(including second and third generation victims of Agent Orange and Dioxin Exposures worldwide)

(Link provided courtesy of Dane Hine)
Veteran's Survival Guide: How to File and Collect on VA Claims
(Link provided courtesy of Wayne Wojda)


Dark Shadow of Agent Orange

(Link provided courtesy of Duane Johnson)

Disabled Children of Vietnam Veterans      
Diseases Associated with Agent Orange Exposure
US Dept of Veterans Affairs

(When it comes to filing a claim, being exposed in and of itself is not a disease. If you have a diagnosis of one of the presumptives listed, file right away. A Letter of Intent sent to the VA will start the one year time frame in which you can gather medical records, etc., to submit to the VA along with your claim. Any award will come back to the day that the Letter of Intent was received by the VA.

Also, a VA study looking at COPD and Agent Orange exposure was recently completed (in 1999-2000). I encourage those brothers and sisters who were exposed to Agent Orange and have a diagnosis of COPD to file a claim for that, even though COPD is not a presumptive disease at this time. Reason being, the laws continue to change, and what may be denied today, could be awarded in the future. Better to err on the side of caution, and get your claim in.)

(Courtesy of Vietnam Bill Bailey 1/83rd)

Guide to Service-Connected Disability Compensation for exposure to Agent Orange
(Courtesy of Vietnam Veterans of America)
Insecticide Deceit at Nui Dat
(An Australian Perspective)
Legacies of War
(The Truth About agent Orange in Vietnam)

(Link provided courtesy of Danny Sandoval)
VA begins paying benefits for new Agent Orange Claims      
Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange      
Veterans Resource Book
(Large File)
See pages 59-61 for Agent Orange related material

(From the California Department of Veterans Affairs - Courtesy of Wayne Pope)

Vietnam's Rain Agents
Orange, White and Blue

(Charley Kelley's (2/94th Artillery) book on Chemical Agents used in Vietnam and how the Dept of Veterans Affairs and other Government Agencies have treated our Veterans)

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