Missing Veterans


This page is where we list those Veterans that someone in our group is trying to locate. They are not just 83rd members but those that are in some way connected to one of our group.  If anyone has any information on these missing Vets, either follow the directions below to contact the person looking for them or contact me and I will notify the appropriate person.

Missing - former 1/83rd



Years with 1/83rd Notes Sought by
Mike Ackerman A 67-68 Possibly lives in Kenosha, WI or Chicago. Craig Castona
Lynn Beckley HQ 67-68 Possibly lives in California. Tom Bailey
Ken Burgess A 69-70   John Wetteland
Thomas Chappell A 66-67 Possibly lives in South Carolina. George Rose
Keith Franklin HQ 68-69 Possibly lives in Massachusetts. Steve Prest
Dennis Gajda HQ 68-69 Possibly lives in Massachusetts. Steve Prest
Jesus Gonzalez HQ 69 Possibly lives in Dilley, Texas Jim Harris
SSG ??? Guy B 68  SSG Guy was in "B" Battery and was Gun Chief of Gun #1.

Possibly lives in South Carolina.

George Benham
Lieut ??? Harris HQ 67-68   Tom Bailey

Marshall Horowitz

Battalion Surgeon
67-68   John Yore
Marvin McBride Unknown 66-68

Was first with the 2/35th Artillery and then the 1/83rd  Artillery. Marvin has passed away but his daughter (also a Veteran) is trying to get information on his Vietnam service for an Agent Orange related VA claim for Marvin's widow.

His Daughter
Rich Moody HQ 66-67 Possibly lives in California. Rich Magin
John Purol Battalion 67-68 Battalion Sgt Major  
Steve Smith HQ 68-69 Possibly lives in Andover, NH. Steve Prest
Phil Yarbourough B 68-69 Staff Sgt.
Possibly lives in Maine
Trying to ID those in this picture received from Larry Richins (69-70). If you know who any of these guys are contact me
Click here to go to lists of other names of inactive or missing former 1/83rd guys who we would like to connect with.

Missing - not from 1/83rd

Trying to find the following Veteran. Please contact me if you have any information on his whereabouts.

- Roger Hoover (70-71).

It is believed that Roger lived in Little Rock, Arkansas before going to Vietnam and then in Charlotte, North Carolina afterwards as of 1976. His parents lived in Nashville, Tennessee at that time. One of our Kiwi mates is trying to find him as they were friends in Vietnam. It is not known what unit he was in but we think he was in a logistics role.

Our Dan O'Brien (69-70) is involved with this project. If anyone can identify this guy, please notify Dan.


Here are 2 other pictures of the same guy.

Picture 1

Picture 2


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