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83rd Notes Misc Notes
A Battery - 175mm Firing at Bastogne

Photo taken by our Chris Callis (69-70) and published in the Army Times (6/4/70)
(Courtesy of Neal Schwartz & Dan O'Brien)

Christmas at the Wall - 2009 Photos taken at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC (2009)
(Courtesy of the VVMF)
Artillery in Support

(Photos Courtesy of 5th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment Association)

Link courtesy of Greg Sachnewycz (1/83rd)

Current Artillery
Updated 3/23/21
Current Photos of  8-inch and 175mm Artillery at various locations.
8-inch(Ace of Spades)
in the A Shau Valley

Published in The Army Reporter (9/22/69)
(Courtesy of Dan O'Brien)

Dave Ellis - 67-68 Dave was with the 41st Signal Battalion in 67-68 and sent these photos of the Nui Dat area.

Before and After

Pictures of us, then and now

Misc Photo Gallery

Photos of the 83rd and other misc Artillery photos
Firebases & LZ's All years Reunions Photos from various reunions
Front Page Photo

This version of the picture of one our 175's firing (which is on the 1/83rd home page) was provided by Ron Cox.

This version (300 dpi hi res JPEG) is suitable for download and printing.

(Courtesy of Ron Cox)

Guns and Howitzers
of the
1/83rd Artillery

This contains the names and type of guns that the 1/83rd had including pictures where available.

Mortar Attack - Nui Dat 1967    
Pets of the 83rd All years    
Water Trucks & Showers of the 83rd All years    

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