Rex Hon (66-67)

Motorcycle Trips


August 2019

Here is Rex's commentary on his trips.

"The road called “Going To The Sun” is approximately 48 miles long.  The Continental Divide is at Logan Pass. 

 In comparison to other difficult motorcycle rides I have done this ride was fairly easy.  Good road surface, very few hairpin or sharp curves.  All the grades are not very steep. Small  patches of ice occasionally. However the road is extremely narrow, no vehicles over 20 feet long are allowed on road.  There are mostly square stones approximately 1 1/2 feet high to serve as a guard rail.  When meeting other vehicles it can get real scary because you have to get real close to edge of road to allow them to pass!!! Really scary to look down to the valley when you are at the edge of the road.  

 In comparison to my other difficult motorcycle rides like the “Tail Of The Dragon“, Pikes Peak or “The Bear Tooth“ rides I would rate it 4th.

I rode “Going To The Sun” located in Glacier National Park on August 28.  I rode “The Bear Tooth” near Yellowstone Park on August 26.  Really scary motorcycle rides. 

I am getting real close to giving up motorcycle trail riding.  However I am secretary/treasurer of the local chapter of “In Country Vietnam Motorcycle Club “.  Our Texas sponsor is the Bandidos Motorcycle Gang.  It if fun hanging out with the motorcycle gang.  

Have you been to Glacier or Yellowstone National Parks?  How about the Little Big Horn battleground near Yellowstone?  Really beautiful country."

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