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1966 -1967 1967-1968 1968-1969 1969-1970 1970-1971
Vincent Auzenne Dennis Blalock - Nui Dat
Dennis Blalock - Other
Bob Bosl

Ted Belajac

Don Aird
Craig Castona - Part 1
Craig Castona - Part 2
Walt Gilliam - Part 1
Walt Gilliam - Part 2
Russ Gray Chester (Pete) Carrow Harry Boquet
John Cipriano Stan Kalwinski

Ron (Tomahawk) Hernandez

Mike Davis

Dennis Donati

Larry DePriest Keith Siedelmann Ed Kloiber

Malcolm Decker - Part 1
Malcolm Decker - Part 2

Barney Downey

Rod Dolton - Nui Dat Bruce Taiji - Part 1
Bruce Taiji - Part 2
Ken Knebler

Jim Dorton

Andy Gambill
Thurman Dotson Harold Whitten Lavern Looking Cloud Randy Foster Sid Johnston
Bernie Dugan Jack Williams
Added 1/13/21
Duane (Hollywood) Morgan Tony Georgakis Larry Kindler

Don Eikenberry - Nui Dat

John Yore Sandy Ray Angelo Giordano Chuck Mattson
Pete Etchamendy - Part 1
Pete Etchamendy - Part 2

Neal Schwartz
Neal's 2010 trip to Vietnam

Bob Harris Ken Mitchell
Charles Flores   Les Spohr

Gary Keck

Jim Pound
Mike Frame   Stew Stenberg    Greg Sachnewycz
Norm Gallagher   Daryl Wuennecke
Added 1/13/21

Mike Kolarik

Rex Hon

Rex Hon Motorcycle Trips

    Jerry Kosty Frank Sloan
Larry Kemp     Bruce McCormick Steve Vail
Roy Laudette     Sam McKowen Pete Veltri - Bastogne
Pete Veltri - Misc
Morri Major     Dan O'Brien Bob Wesley

Rich Magin - Nui Dat


Doug Palmer

Jeff McKay - Part 1

Jeff McKay - Part 2

Jeff McKay - Part 3

    Rich Peabody  
Dan Mejillas     Paul Picciuto  
Tom Merriman     Larry Richins  

Glenn Million

    Dave Sides  
Bill Morris    

Leon Skeen

Mike Ragone     Clarence Tiffany  
Mike Reddy        
Mike Reetz

Brig General Horace Porter
(aka Mike Reetz)

John Rosegay        
Al Saltzman        

Bill Taggart - Nui Dat
Bill Taggart - Nui Dat, Baria, Field Ops

Dan Tvenstrup
(Towed 8-inch Photos)
Odis (Wally) Wallace Part 0

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Roy Laudette & Wally


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