1/83rd Unit History, Honors and Memorabilia


(Courtesy of the Family of Joe Byrd and Ron Sims)

1920 Test March of the 1/83 from Kentucky to Georgia

(Courtesy of Bill Burke and Neal Schwartz)

1930 1/83 Polo Team

(Courtesy of Neal Schwartz)
1/83rd Early History

This is an early brief history of the 83rd. It was sent by one of our members.

1/83rd Call Signs
Updated 8/14/2021

Call Signs used in Vietnam by the 1/83rd.

1/83rd Embarkation Orders

These are partial embarkation orders for the 1/83rd move to Vietnam. Included is a list of the advance party which flew to Vietnam ahead of the Battalion's transport by ship in October 1966.

(Courtesy of Otto Aliffi)
1/83rd Unit History

Please notify Bill Taggart at artillery_83rd@yahoo.com if you see any errors or omissions in this document.

(original document courtesy of Don Aird)
1/83rd Unit History Supplement (Courtesy of Matthew Seelinger, Chief Historian, Army Historical Foundation)
1/83rd Lineage and Honors

This document summarizes the lineage and honors of the 83rd Field Artillery in addition to the 1st Battalion, 83rd Artillery and the 2nd Battalion, 83rd Artillery specifically.

This material was complied by Janice E. McKenney of the Center of Military History, US Army.

(Provided courtesy of The Morris Swett Technical Library, Ft Sill. OK)

1/83rd Unit Crest History

The Institute of Heraldry

Both of the above links to the Institute of Heraldry website are currently inactive as the TIOH undergoes reno-vation.

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83rd Field Artillery Unit Crest - (Courtesy of The Institute of Heraldry)

1/83rd Unit Crest Insignia

This shows the Description, Symbolism and Background of the items seen on our 1/83rd Unit Crest.


This note was part of the information that I received from the Institute of Heraldry.

"Attached you will find imagery of the DUI (Distinctive Unit Insignia) and COA (Coat of Arms) for the 83rd Field Artillery Regiment. I've also included an information page with symbolism.

A canton is a heraldic term. It represents a flag borne at the top corner of the shield; reward from the sovereign for performance of eminent service.  The animal reflected in the canton is a dragon.

For future reference, I'm including a link to various heraldic symbols and meanings

As it relates to the motto: I've included the historical file of the original request which did not include the English translation. (Ed note:  see link on next item for this information.)
It appears in the 70s, that the Institute conducted a review of the motto and updated our files with the official translation (During Hostilities)."

(Courtesy of The Institute of Heraldry)

1/83rd Unit Crest - Unit Crest History

This shows the origination and History of our Unit Crest and Coat of Arms dating back to 1920.

(Courtesy of The Institute of Heraldry)

1/83rd Guns in Action  
1/83rd Reminiscences
Updated 8/14/2021

This sections contains reminiscences from our members of various experiences while in Vietnam.

1/83rd Rounds Fired

This ammunition expenditure includes the total 105mm from the Australian and New Zealand L5 Pack Howitzers, the 155mm from the M109s from Battery A 2nd 35th Artillery, the 8 inch and 175mm from the 1/83rd.

(Courtesy of Ross Wood- B Company 5RAR)

1/83rd - TET 1968

Neal Schwartz sent this document with the following comments...

"I found this 6 page document on “The Tet Offensive 1968”, and it had the following two references to the 1/83rd Artillery in it:" 

The advance of the 3rd Brigade toward Hue necessitated close fire support coordination. Elements of the 1st Battalion, 30th Artillery (155-mm), and 1st Battalion, 83rd Artillery (8-inch self-propelled), had been situated at Landing Zone Nole since 20 February. From that position, these elements had been supporting the Vietnamese and Marine units in and around Hue. With the approach of the 2nd Brigade, coordination requirements became more exacting to avoid shelling refugees and friendly forces. 

Also noteworthy were the actions of units of the 54th Artillery Group which prevented the collapse of the Xuan Loc Base Camp. On 2 February, Xuan Loc came under heavy attack. The quick, devastating fire of Battery C, 1st Battalion, 83rd Artillery, saved the post. Battery "C" fired 35 8-inch rounds and killed 80 of the attackers. During the period 1-18 February, similar missions supported the defense of Xuan Loc.

Special Pin

Walt Noechel (69-70) sent along info on an item that you all will want to add to your collection of military pins and patches. I know that many of you will want to have this pin.

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Dept of the Army General Orders General Orders regarding actions for which the 83rd was cited for its participation.
Letter of Appreciation - March 1, 1968 To "C" Battery from the 52nd ARVN Ranger Battalion - (Courtesy of Neal Schwartz)
Operational Reports - Lessons Learned  
Unit Citation and Campaign Participation Credit Register On Page 47 you will find Presidential Unit Citation for 83rd Arty as follows:

83d Artillery
1st Battalion
RVN Gallantry Cross w/Palm—1 Mar–9 Nov 71, DAGO 6, 74
RVN Civil Actions Honor Medal, FC—3 Nov 66–30 Apr 68, DAGO 51, 71
Battery C
Presidential Unit Citation—22 Jan–18 Mar 69, DAGO 20, 73;
10–21 May 69, DAGO 16, 72

I Field Force - Vietnam


I Field Force - Vietnam

(Courtesy of The Institute of Heraldry)

II Field Force - Vietnam


II Field Force - Vietnam

(Courtesy of The Institute of Heraldry)

General Edwin D. Patrick (MSTS) The Troop ship that transported the 1/83rd to Vietnam in October 1966.
Onboard the Patrick to Vietnam - 1966 Photoshow pictures from Craig Castona, Larry DePriest, Bernie Dugan & Bill Taggart
Ft Sill to Oakland Train - 1966 Bill Taggart Photoshow
Vietnam Offensives (Courtesy of Neal Schwartz)

Neal writes:
"Each offensive earns our guys that were in Vietnam one star if any portion of his tour included any date during that offensive.  The stars are bronze in color and go on the Vietnam Service Ribbon for up to four offensives.  A sliver star is used to indicate five offensives."

Vietnam Studies Field Artillery 1954-1973

This link takes you to a website to read this book.

For a PDF version, click here.


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