1/83rd Memorials History Misc.

1/83rd Yearbook (1969-70)
(Courtesy of Mike Kolarik and Les Spohr)
(Vietnam Vets who have passed away

Experiences of a Chopper Pilot in Vietnam
(link provided by Dennis Mack)
AC-47 "Spooky" Gunship
(link provided by Ed Kloiber 1/83rd)

Puff the Magic Dragon: The AC-47 "Spooky" Gunship
(link provided by Dan O'Brien 1/83rd)

The Scorpion - May 1969
(Courtesy of Stew Stenberg)

The Scorpion - June 1969
(Courtesy of Steve Prest)

National Archives Memorial Wall

Fire Support Bases in Vietnam Artillery Organization in Vietnam
(Courtesy 1/92nd Artillery)
Camp Everett Layout (Nui Dat)

Camp Everett Initial Security Diagram
(Courtesy of Jimmy Hales)

Camp Everett Aerial View
(Courtesy of Rex Hon)

Camp Everett Aerial View
(Courtesy of Ernie Newbold)

Camp Everett Initial Security Plan
(Courtesy of Jimmy Hales)

Radio Section at Nui Dat
(Courtesy of Winfred Langley)

Australian Map of Camp Everett
(Courtesy of Ernie Newbold)

From Ernie...

"Gíday Bill,

I remembered that you were looking for details of the 1/83rd compound layout at Nui Dat sometime ago and have had a nagging thought in the back of my mind since then.

Today I came across a photocopy of a map of the Task Force area at Nui Dat, compiled in  June 1967. The whole map is a bit big to photograph in itís entirety but I have taken a photo of the south western corner which shows the 1/83rd buildings etc as they were in May 1967.

That should be correct for the time you were there, I hope that it may be of some help to you.

If you require any more detail let me know and Iíll see what I can do for you.



POW/MIA Recognition Day Hamburger Hill/Hill 937

1/83rd in Iron Triangle. Numerous 1/83rd comments about the battle

(Link courtesy of Norm Gallagher 1/83rd)

C-Ration Cookbook
(Provided courtesy of John D. Dennison (1st Cav) and the McIlhenny Company (makers of Tabasco sauce))

Nui Dat

The Virtual Wall
(it is possible to also search by State on this website)
Hanoi Taxi
(link provided by Dan O' Brien)
Find your MOS
(link provided by Dan O' Brien)
Nui Dat
Area Layout

Touch the Wall

History Net Maps Page
Nui Dat (Aussie Camp)
Photo courtesy of Charlie ? (an Australian with HQ 1ATF(67/68) and with 3rd Cavalry Regiment)
Vietnam Memorial Wall (Wash D.C.) Ho Chi Minh Trail Today
(Link Courtesy of Walt Noechel)
The Saigoneer
Information on Visiting Vietnam
Nui Dat Photos
(Ernie Newbold)

22 Things You Should Know About the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Luscombe Field at Nui Dat
(Courtesy of 161 Recce Association Website and Ernie Newbold)

This link details the origins of Luscombe Field, the Aussie airfield at Nui Dat.

Vietnam Artifacts
Nui Dat Photos
(Pat Duggan)

By Paul A. Roales and Others
(Link Courtesy of John Ward)

Vietnam Era Music
(link provided by Pete Veltri and courtesy of LZ Center
3rd Battalion 82nd Artillery B Battery 196th Light Infantry Brigade Americal Division)

(Link courtesy of John Ward)
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund Pentagon Papers
(Link Courtesy of Dan O'Brien)
Vietnam Magazine
Phuoc Tuy Province
Area Layout

(Courtesy of Australia and the Vietnam War Website and Rich Webekind)
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund
In Memory Program
Research in Military Records: Vietnam War
(National Archives)
(Link Courtesy of Bill Butke)
Vietnam Soldiers Tribute
(Courtesy of GCS Distributing)
Phuoc Tuy Province
Area Maps

(Courtesy of 104 Signal Squadron Website and Ernie Newbold)
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund
The Education Center at the Wall
The US Army in Vietnam
(Link Courtesy of Bill Burke)
Vietnam Veterans Terminology and Slang
Phuoc Tuy and Nui Dat (Australian Task Force Area)
(Photos courtesy of Neal Schwartz)
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund
Wall of Faces


You can help put faces with names on Vietnam Memorial
(Link Courtesy of Don Aird)

The Vietnam War Era
(Link courtesy of Jim Braun)
Vietnam & Military Training, Trivia and more
(Courtesy of Hardscrabble Farm)
  Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund
Items Left at the Wall
The Vietnam War (National Archives)
(Link courtesy of Jim Braun)
Virtual Museum of the Vietnam War
  Vietnam War Commemoration
50th Anniversary
Vietnam Center and Archive
(Courtesy of Texas Tech University)
Welcome to Vietnam
  Vietnam War Commemoration 50th Anniversary - A Tribute to Vietnam Veterans narrated by Sam Elliott

Vietnam Facts

  Vietnam Women's Memorial Foundation Vietnam Movie Clips
(Link Courtesy of John Ward)
  Vietnam Remembrance Vietnam Veterans History Project  
  We Will Remember Vietnam War Deaths
(Link Courtesy of Rex Hon)
    Vietnam War Museum
(Courtesy of Greg Sachnewycz)
    Vietnam War Resources  
    Vietnam War Resource Guide  
    Vietnam War Travel
Discovering the hidden places from the Vietnam War

(Courtesy of Vietnam War Travel Website)
    Weather Warfare in Vietnam
Operation Popeye

(link provided by Dan O' Brien)
    Westmoreland: The General Who Lost Vietnam
(Courtesy of Neal Schwartz)


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