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"God and soldier, we adore, in time of danger, not before.
The danger passed and all things righted, God is forgotten and the soldier slighted."
Rudyard Kipling
(Courtesy of Rex Hon - 1/83rd Artillery)



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Poems and other Literature

A Different Christmas Poem

(Courtesy of Don Aird - 1/83rd Artillery)


This video was created from a poem written by Michael Marks (not LCDR Jeff Giles).

A Soldier

(Courtesy of Dennis Blalock - 1/83rd Artillery)

A Soldier's Christmas

(Courtesy of Michael Marks)

(Courtesy of Author, Chuck Mattson - 1/83rd Artillery)

Band of Brothers

(Courtesy of Tom Sellers - 1/83rd Artillery)

(Courtesy of Author, Chuck Mattson - 1/83rd Artillery)

The Final Inspection

(Courtesy of Dennis Donati - 1/83rd Artillery)

The Flag

(Courtesy of Arthur Macy)

(Courtesy of Bernie Dugan - 1/83rd Artillery)


(Courtesy of Ian Guy - Australian 131 Div Loc Battery)

He was a Mate

(Courtesy of John Browne - Australian 131 Div Loc Battery)

I'm Proud to be a Veteran

(Courtesy of Vietnam War Veteran Bob Beskar)

International War Veteran's Poetry Archive


(Courtesy of Don Donaldson and Patrick Duggan - 161 Battery Royal New Zealand Artillery)

Quote of John McCain from his book "Faith of My Fathers"


Just a Common Soldier (A Soldier Died Today)

(Courtesy of A. Lawrence Vaincourt)
See the A. Lawrence Vaincourt website for more of his Patriotic work.

Just a Common Soldier Video

(Link Courtesy of Neal Schwartz 1/83rd)

The ODE to Nui Dat

(Courtesy of Danny Sandoval - 1/83rd Artillery)

The Perimeter

(Courtesy of Don Aird - 1/83rd Artillery)

The Soldier's Night Before Christmas

(Courtesy of Al Saltzman - 1/83rd Artillery)

James M. Schmidt (Former Marine Lance Corporal)

(Courtesy of Author, Chuck Mattson - 1/83rd Artillery)

The Vietnam Vet


Unless You've Been a Soldier

(Sent Courtesy of Bill Wiseley 1/83rd (66-67))

What is a Vietnam Vet


You can't tell a Vet just by looking


You guys were my era..

By A. Mavropoulos
(Sent Courtesy of John Zagami 1/83rd (69-70))


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